Aroha Retirement Village includes nine self contained villas.

Some commonly asked questions

How much does it cost for an apartment and what is supplied for this figure?
Prices vary throughout the village, and we will let you know the price relating to any Villas currently available. We provide a schedule of what is included in the apartment.
You pay a capital sum, in return for the right to the Villa for life and to access to any Aroha community facilities. The underlying ownership is retained by the village owner

What does the deferred management fee cover?
The fee, is capped at up to 15% of your capital sum.
It covers the costs of refurbishing and reselling the Villa (at the end of the tenancy), and overall maintenance and management of the village.

Who is responsible for insurance and rates?
The village owner pays for the building insurance, plus the general rates and water rates. You are responsible for insuring your contents and your own personal effects.

How do I house my car?
There is no need for you ‘to give up your car.’ The independent living units have parking.

Do I have the right to transfer to the care centre facility at Aroha?
Yes. This is one of the major benefits of living at Aroha.
If we don’t currently have a vacancy then we will endeavour to look after you in your existing unit, and give you priority for the transfer.

What happens if I can’t afford it?
Everyone’s circumstances are different. We can consider applications for finance on a case-by-case basis.

When can I receive assistance?
If you have an emergency, or need special assistance, you can summon staff at any time of the day, or night. We do not charge for this.

What happens if I come into the village and decide that it’s not for me?
If after you move in, and you are not happy, then we can discuss

Can I have people to stay in my unit?
Yes you can, for short periods of time, but as a courtesy to other residents, we ask that you consult with the village manager.

What other services are available to me at the village?
The village has a hairdressing service, a visiting podiatrist, at your our own cost.
Aroha also takes all Villa residents out to lunch together several times a year, in our courtesy van, at OUR expense.

Can we remarket our unit ourselves on the open market?
No, Aroha is responsible for managing the resale of your Villa.

How do I voice my concerns?
You can voice your concerns direct to any village staff, including the manager. The village has a formal complaints procedure that can be explained to you.
There are also regular resident meetings to jointly discuss any problems or maintenance that may have arisen.

What is the entry-level age to live in Aroha’s Retirement Village?
Our villages are designed for residents aged 70 and over.

Can I have a pet in the village?
Yes, with the village manager’s approval that it is suitable for the village.


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