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  • thumb2 We are especially proud of the chapels stained glass windows
  • thumb3 In 2000, a Chapel/Recreation room was built, opened by the Governor General, Sir Michael Hardie Boys, which has proved a great asset to the lives of our residents

History of Aroha

1960 to 1974

In the 1960s the Government, offered a subsidy to religious organisations that were willing to operate Homes for the Aged. The Wellington Baptist Association accepted the challenge. Plans were drawn up and the land on which the complex is situated today, was purchased. In 1969, application was made to the Government Department for subsidy approval for a 40 bed Home. The Government Department replied that it supported the project but that the offer was now a reduced subsidy and also, that it not be available until 1970. The reduced subsidy and the increasing costs of building placed the project in jeopardy.

In 1970 the Wellington Presbyterian Social Services Association offered to assist with this project. As a result, the two Associations formed a joint and equal partnership which was to see not only the Home built but also the Hospital and Villas together with the purchase of land for additional expansion.

The Presbyterians brought with them a wealth of experience in the sphere of social service. Thus began a partnership between two Christian groups, which has existed harmoniously throughout the years. Aroha was opened in June 1974.



Christ Church

Christ Church is one of the oldest buildings in Wellington and just a short walk from Aroha Care Centre

Upgrade to Private Rooms 2009 to 2015

In 2009 the Board engaged Architects to design an upgrade of the Aroha complex to bring Aroha into the 21st century.

Aroha changed from shared hospital ward accommodation to single rooms each with an ensuite. The rebuild began in 2011 and was completed in 2015.

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